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Artist Title Song #
E.T. Katy Perry CB30162-3
Eagle Eye Cherry Feels So Right AT4137-15
Eagle Eye Cherry Save Tonight SC3089-5
Eagle Eye Cherry W-Vocal Save Tonight SC3089-13
Eagles Busy Being Fabulous Thm AT4246-302
Eagles Hotel California (Sc) AT4249-29
Eagles Wasted Time Zm AT4246-105
Eagles, The Already Gone AT4169-2
Eagles, The Best of My Love, The BS9017-1
Eagles, The Desperado BS9017-12
Eagles, The Get Over It BS9017-2
Eagles, The Heartache Tonight BS9017-3
Eagles, The Hotel California BS9017-4
Eagles, The How Long AT4171-16
Eagles, The I Can't Tell You Why BS9017-14
Eagles, The In The City (Sc) AT4257-617
Eagles, The James Dean (Sgb) AT4257-624
Eagles, The Life In The Fast Lane BS9017-11
Eagles, The Long Run, The BS9017-5
Eagles, The Love Will Keep Us Alive AT4185-14
Eagles, The Lyin' Eyes BS9017-6
Eagles, The New Kid In Town BS9017-7
Eagles, The One of These Nights BS9017-8
Eagles, The Peaceful, Easy Feeling BS9017-15
Eagles, The Seven Bridges Road BS9017-17
Eagles, The Seven Bridges Road Lg AT4244-80
Eagles, The Seven Bridges Road Sc AT4244-79
Eagles, The Take It Easy BS9017-9
Eagles, The Take It To The Limit BS9017-10
Eagles, The Victim of Love BS9017-13
Eagles, The Witchy Woman BS9017-16
Eamon F##k It (I Don't Want You Back) (Radio V AT4251-84
Earle, Steve Continental Trailways Blues AT4183-11
Earle, Steve Copperhead Road AT4144-3
Earle, Steve Feel Alright AT4184-1
Earle, Steve Goodbye's All We Got Left AT4184-3
Earle, Steve Guitar Town AT4163-9
Earle, Steve Hillbilly Highway AT4184-8
Earle, Steve Six Days On The Road AT4187-1
Earle, Steve The Galway Girl (Sf) AT4251-7
Earshot Get Away Thm AT4246-174
Earshot Not Afraid Thm AT4246-175
Earshot Someone Thm AT4246-172
Earshot Wait Thm AT4246-173
Earth Wind & Fire Let's Groove (Sf) AT4249-68
Earth, Wind & Fire After The Love Has Gone SC8292-6
Easton, Sheena Morning Train (Nine To Five) (Sc) AT4253-16
Easton, Sheena Strut SC8322-4
Easton, Sheena Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair) (Sc AT4253-15
Easton, Sheena When He Shines SC7547-6
Echosmith Bright (Ndk) AT4256-96
Echosmith Cool Kids (Kv) AT4255-318
Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud (Kv) AT4255-282
Eddie Arnold Make The World Go Away AT4103-12
Eddie, Mark Marijuanaville AT4211-12
Edens Edge Amen (Kv) AT4257-239
Edens Edge To Good To Be True (Ss) AT4251-87
Edgar Winter Group, The Free Ride SC8439-12
Edison Lighthouse Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) AT4239-126
Edmonds, Kevon 24-7 SC8587-11
Edmonds, Kevon No Love SC8607-12
Edsels, The Rama Lama Ding Dong SC8399-10
Edwards, Jonathan Sunshine AT4204-10
Edwards, Tommy It's All In The Game SC7531-2
Eels, The Novocaine For The Soul SC8325-1
Egan, Walter Magnet and Steel (Sc) AT4257-30
Eiffel 65 Blue (Da Ba Dee) SC8587-2
Eldredge, Brett Lose My Mind (Krg) AT4257-34
Eldredge, Brett Mean To Me (Kc) AT4255-370
Eldredge, Brett Wanna Be That Song (Sbi) AT4257-268
Electric Light Orchestra Do Ya (Sf) AT4257-518
Electric Light Orchestra Evil Woman AT4228-10
Electric Light Orchestra Hold On Tight AT4118-12
Electric Light Orchestra Strange Magic AT4112-13
Electric Light Orchestra Turn To Stone AT4118-1
Electric Light Orchestra, The Can't Get It Out Of My Head SC8322-8
Electric Light Orchestra, The Don't Bring Me Down SC7534-10
Electric Light Orchestra, The Sweet Talkin' Woman SC8539-8
Electric Six Danger High Voltage SC8859-10
Elegants, The Little Star (Sc) AT4252-29
Eli Young Band Always The Love Song Cb AT4244-34
Eli Young Band Crazy Girl Cb AT4244-38
Eli Young Band Drunk Last Night (Sbi) AT4255-147
Eli Young Band Even If It Breaks Your Heart (Phm) AT4248-68
Eli Young Band, The Guinevere Cb AT4244-35
Eli Young Band, The Radio Waves Cb AT4244-36
Eli Young Band, The When It Rains Cb AT4244-37
Elliman, Yvonne If I Can't Have You (Sc) AT4253-29
Elliott, Alecia I'm Diggin' It SC8570-3
Elliott, Missy 'misdemeanor' I'm Really Hot SC8865-1
Ellis, Shirley The Name Game AT4139-13
Ellis, Terry Wherever You Are SC8233-8
Elvis Blue Suede Shoes AT4124-1
Elvis Presley Crying In The Chapel SC8356-15
Emerald, Caro A Night Like This (Kv) AT4252-63
Emeralds, The Chicken Dance, The (Lg) AT4252-65
Emerick, Scotty & Toby Keith I Can't Take You Anywhere SC8842-1
Emerson Drive A Good Man AT4104-11
Emerson Drive I Should Be Sleeping (Sc) AT4257-424
Emerson Drive Moments AT4132-6
Emerson Drive Shes My Kind of Crazy (Bkd) AT4253-8
Emerson Drive You Still Own Me AT4187-12
Emf Unbelievable Sc AT4246-278
Emilio Big Big World SC8503-14
Emilio Even If I Tried SC8232-12
Emilio I'd Love You To Love Me SC3008-7
Emilio W-Vocal I'd Love You To Love Me SC3008-15
Eminem A-- Like That AT4222-1
Eminem Berzerk (Kv) AT4255-27
Eminem Cleanin' Out My Closet SC3330-8
Eminem Cleanin' Out My Closet Sc AT4243-165
Eminem Criminal (Tu) AT4248-64
Eminem Guilty Conscience (Tu) AT4255-182
Eminem Hailie's Song Ps AT4241-82
Eminem Just Lose It (Radio Version) Sc AT4247-59
Eminem Like Toy Soldiers AT4160-6
Eminem Lose Yourself SY1614-1
Eminem Lose Yourself SY1065-5
Eminem Monster, The (Mrh) AT4255-98
Eminem My Name Is SC8523-14
Eminem Not Afraid Qh AT4241-141
Eminem Real Slim Shady, The SC8618-1
Eminem Sing For The Moment (Sc) AT4248-61
Eminem Superman AT4237-1
Eminem Way I Am, The (Sf) AT4248-63
Eminem We Made You (Sf) AT4248-65
Eminem When I'm Gone (Sf) AT4248-66
Eminem White America (Tu) AT4248-62
Eminem Without Me AT4104-9
Eminem & Dido Stan AT4222-12
Eminem & Dr Dre & 50 Cent Crack of A Bottle AT4239-59
Eminem & Lil' Wayne No Love Sf AT4244-46
Eminem & Nate Dogg Shake That AT4115-15
Eminem & Rihanna Love The Way You Lie (Duet) Qh AT4241-157
Eminem & Rihanna Monster, The (Duet) (Sf) AT4255-100
Eminem Feat. Nate Dogg Shake That (Sbi) AT4257-431
Eminem Ft. 50 Cent, Ca$his You Don't Know AT4168-14
Emotions Best of My Love Lg AT4243-73
En Vogue Don't Let Go (Love) SC8340-2
En Vogue My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) (S AT4248-92
En Vogue Riddle SC8616-3
En Vogue Whatever SC8390-5
En Vogué & Salt N Pepa Whatta Man (Sc) AT4248-89
Engelbert Humperdinck Ten Guitars AT4109-6
England, Ty Redneck Son SC8253-11
England, Ty Should've Asked Her Faster AT4149-5
Engvall, Bill Fruitcake Makes Me Puke AT4213-10
Eric Clapton Change The World AT4111-8
Eric Clapton Crossroads (Sgb) AT4251-49
Eric Heatherly Flowers On The Wall AT4119-6
Ernie Rubber Duckie AT4143-5
Essex Easier Said Than Done SC8226-2
Essex, David Rock On SC8368-12
Estefan, Gloria Conga Cb AT4244-104
Estelle & Kasnye West American Boy (Duet) AT4215-1
Etheridge, Melissa Angels Would Fall SC8565-1
Etheridge, Melissa Bring Me Some Water SC8331-15
Etheridge, Melissa Come To My Window AT4100-2
Etheridge, Melissa I Run For Life AT4132-4
Etheridge, Melissa I Want To Be In Love (Sc) AT4253-83
Etheridge, Melissa I'm The Only One SC8140-7
Etheridge, Melissa Your Little Secret SC8212-9
Eu Da' Butt SC8117-13
Europe Carrie SC8346-4
Europe Final Countdown, The AT4173-12
Eurythmics, The Here Comes The Rain Again SC8178-1
Eurythmics, The Missionary Man SC8439-13
Eurythmics, The Sweet Dreams SC7529-8
Eurythmics, The Walking On Broken Glass AT4200-9
Eurythmics, The Who's That Girl AT4200-13
Eurythmics, The Would I Lie To You SC8331-9
Evan & Jaron Crazy For This Girl (Cb) AT4252-90
Evanescence Anywhere (Kv) AT4256-56
Evanescence Breathe No More AT4180-5
Evanescence Bring Me To Life AT4104-14
Evanescence Call Me When You're Sober AT4115-12
Evanescence Everybody's Fool AT4111-6
Evanescence Farther Away AT4180-10
Evanescence Going Under AT4118-15
Evanescence Good Enough AT4170-9
Evanescence Haunted AT4159-13
Evanescence Hello AT4180-15
Evanescence Imaginary AT4181-4
Evanescence Imaginary AT4213-15
Evanescence Lithium AT4152-3
Evanescence My Heart Is Broken (Ftx) AT4250-11
Evanescence My Immortal CB30042-5
Evanescence My Immortal SC8865-15
Evanescence My Last Breath AT4181-11
Evanescence Sweet Sacrifice AT4172-5
Evanescence Taking Over Me AT4182-4
Evanescence Tourniquet AT4182-7
Evanescence Whisper AT4182-14
Evanescence Whisper AT4180-17
Evanescence You (Kv) AT4253-43
Evanescence & Paul Mccoy Bring Me To Life (Duet Version) AT4104-15
Evanesence What You Want (Ftx) AT4253-44
Evanesence What You Want Ftx AT4246-237
Evans Blue Cold (But I'm Still Here) (Sc) AT4252-6
Evans, Faith I Love You SC8752-7
Evans, Faith I Love You SM8604-12
Evans, Faith Love Like This, A SC8503-2
Evans, Faith Soon As I Get Home SC8233-9
Evans, Sara Backseat of A Greyhound Bus SC8851-1
Evans, Sara Born To Fly SY1082-14
Evans, Sara Cheatin' AT4183-7
Evans, Sara Cole Mine AT4128-9
Evans, Sara Cryin' Game (Sc) AT4257-262
Evans, Sara Feels Just Like A Love Song Cb AT4246-97
Evans, Sara Fool I'm A Woman SC8528-13
Evans, Sara I Could Not Ask For More SC3245-8
Evans, Sara My Heart Can't Tell You No Phm AT4248-5
Evans, Sara No Place That Far AT4152-8
Evans, Sara Perfect SC8847-4
Evans, Sara Real Fine Place To Start, A AT4228-8
Evans, Sara Shame About That SC8432-11
Evans, Sara Slow Me Down (As) AT4255-151
Evans, Sara Some Things Never Change AT4188-13
Evans, Sara Suds In The Bucket ASKFP49-2-9
Evans, Sara Suds In The Bucket SC8880-9
Evans, Sara Tonight ASKFP49-2-10
Evans, Sara You'll Always Be My Baby AT4128-8
Evans, Sara & Hillary Scott A Little Bit Stronger Cb AT4242-40
Evans, Sara W-Vocal I Could Not Ask For More SC3245-16
Evans, Sara___ As If___ AT4176-3
Eve & Gwen Stefani Let Me Blow Ya Mind SY1064-12
Eve 6 Here's To The Night Ask AT4241-187
Eve 6 Inside Out SC3084-6
Eve 6 Open Road Song Sc AT4241-148
Eve 6 W-Vocal Inside Out SC3084-14
Evelyn-Champagne- King Shame AT4136-15
Evens, Paul & The Curls Seven Little Girls (Sitting In The Back AT4246-177
Everclear Brown Eyed Girl SC3256-1
Everclear Father of Mine SC3088-7
Everclear I Will Buy You A New Life SC8465-1
Everclear Santa Monica SC8348-13
Everclear Wonderful SC8625-5
Everclear W-Vocal Brown Eyed Girl SC3256-9
Everclear W-Vocal Father of Mine SC3088-15
Everett, Jace Bad Things Sc AT4243-1
Everlast Black Jesus (Sc) AT4252-78
Everlast What It's Like AT4231-5
Everly Brothers, The All I Have To Do Is Dream SC7526-15
Everly Brothers, The Bye Bye Love SC7508-6
Everly Brothers, The Cathy's Clown SC7508-13
Everly Brothers, The Wake Up Little Susie SC7504-1
Everly Brothers, The Walk Right Back SC8418-10
Everything Hooch SC3084-4
Everything But The Girl Single SC8340-11
Everything W-Vocal Hooch SC3084-12
Ewing, Skip Answer To My Prayer SC8402-2
Exile Kiss You All Over AT4239-118
Expose' Come Go With Me SC8314-13
Expose' I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me SC7546-8
Expose' Seasons Change SC8362-7
Extreme Get The Funk Out SC8406-14
Extreme More Than Words AT4186-2
Ezra, George Blame It On Me (Sf) AT4256-16
Ezra, George Budapest (Sf) AT4257-571