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Artist Title Song #
R Kelly The World's Greatest (Kv) AT4255-160
R. City Feat. Adam Levine Locked Away (Duet) (Mrh) AT4256-36
R.E.M Daysleeper SC8499-4
R.E.M Drive Sc AT4244-111
R.E.M Great Beyond, The SC8581-15
R.E.M Man On The Moon SC8122-14
R.E.M Radio Free Europe SC8313-7
R.E.M. Everybody Hurts Sc AT4247-110
R.E.M. It's The End of The World As We Know It AT4112-11
R.E.M. Losing My Religion JVC-5
R.E.M. One I Love, The Sc AT4246-169
R.E.M. Shiny Happy People AT4117-7
Rabbitt, Eddie Christmas - We Wish You A Merry Christma AT4172-13
Rabbitt, Eddie Drinking My Baby Off My Mind SC8183-15
Rabbitt, Eddie Drivin' My Life Away AT4147-11
Rabbitt, Eddie Drivin' My Life Away (Sc) AT4249-114
Rabbitt, Eddie I Love A Rainy Night SC7544-2
Rabbitt, Eddie On Second Thought SC8135-2
Rabbitt, Eddie Step By Step SC7552-3
Rabbitt, Eddie & Crystal Gayle You and I SC7515-12
Raconteurs, The Steady As She Goes AT4153-4
Radiohead Creep AT4223-12
Rae, Corinne Bailey Put Your Records On AT4232-5
Raelynn Love Triangle (Kv) AT4257-422
Rafferty, Gerry Baker Street AT4239-147
Rafferty, Gerry Get It Right Next Time Sc AT4244-10
Rafferty, Gerry Right Down The Line (It's Been You) Sc AT4244-11
Rage Against The Machine Guerrilla Radio SC2241-8
Rage Against The Machine How I Could Just Kill A Man (Sc) AT4255-202
Rage Against The Machine Renegades of Funk (Sc) AT4255-203
Rage Against The Machine Testify (Sc) AT4255-204
Rage Against The Machine W-Vocal Guerrilla Radio SC2241-16
Raiders, The Indian Reservation AT4224-8
Rainbow Man On The Silver Mountain SC8830-1
Raitt, Bonnie Angel From Montgomery (Lg) AT4256-137
Raitt, Bonnie Blue For No Reason SC8490-15
Raitt, Bonnie I Can't Make You Love Me SC7519-9
Raitt, Bonnie Love Me Like A Man Sc AT4246-101
Raitt, Bonnie Lover's Will SC8519-11
Raitt, Bonnie One Belief Away SC8462-7
Raitt, Bonnie Something To Talk About SC7514-15
Ram Jam Band Black Betty SC8334-10
Rammstein Du Hast (English Version) AT4170-2
Rammstein Du Hast (German) AT4240-43
Ramones, The I Wanna Be Sedated SC8313-14
Ramones, The Pet Sematary (Sc) AT4255-40
Ramones, The Rock and Roll High School SC8427-1
Randolph, Robert & The Family Band I Need More Love SC8855-2
Randy Houser How Country Feels SSC420-7
Rascal Flatts Backwards AT4215-2
Rascal Flatts Banjo (Ftxc) AT4250-112
Rascal Flatts Bless The Broken Road AT4113-13
Rascal Flatts Everyday AT4193-10
Rascal Flatts Feels Like Today THC0410-12
Rascal Flatts Here Comes Goodbye (Cb) AT4255-323
Rascal Flatts I Won't Let Go Cb AT4243-106
Rascal Flatts I'm Movin' On AT4174-2
Rascal Flatts Life Is A Highway AT4107-10
Rascal Flatts Love You Out Load AT4133-7
Rascal Flatts Mayberry SC8867-12
Rascal Flatts Me & My Gang AT4105-13
Rascal Flatts My Wish AT4239-37
Rascal Flatts My Worst Fear AT4228-4
Rascal Flatts Prayin' For Daylight AT4146-2
Rascal Flatts Skin AT4194-12
Rascal Flatts Stand AT4153-3
Rascal Flatts Take Me There AT4197-2
Rascal Flatts What Hurts The Most AT4119-1
Rascal Flatts While You Loved Me (Sc) AT4255-156
Rascal Flatts Yours If You Want It (Ss) AT4257-596
Rascal Flatts W-Vocal Feels Like Today THC0410-2
Rascal Flatts, The Bless The Broken Road ASK1538-12
Rascal Flatts, The Fast Cars and Freedom (Cb) AT4255-349
Rascal Flatts, The Feels Like Today ASKFP49-2-7
Rascal Flatts, The Mayberry ASKFP49-2-8
Rascall Flatts I Melt AT4166-6
Rascals, The Good Lovin' SC8441-5
Raspberries, The Go All The Way SC8169-6
Ratt Back For More Sc AT4246-219
Ratt Lack of Communication Sc AT4246-218
Ratt Lay It Down Dk AT4246-215
Ratt Round & Round SC8210-10
Ratt Way Cool Jr Sc AT4246-217
Rawls, Lou You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine SC8273-8
Ray Stevens Ahab The Arab AT4112-9
Ray, Jimmy Are You Jimmy Ray SC3061-2
Ray, Jimmy Are You Jimmy Ray SC8440-10
Ray, Jimmy W-Vocal Are You Jimmy Ray SC3061-10
Ray, Michael Think A Little Less (Sbi) AT4257-366
Raybon Brothers, The Butterfly Kisses SC8384-3
Raybon, Marty Cracker Jack Diamond SC8602-9
Raye & Ashton Gift, The SC8423-5
Raye & Parton Whenever Forever Comes SC8128-14
Raye, Collin Anyone Else SC3120-3
Raye, Collin Every Second SC8144-3
Raye, Collin Gift, The SC8416-11
Raye, Collin I Can Still Feel You SD051-4
Raye, Collin I Think About You SC8253-5
Raye, Collin I Volunteer SC8271-12
Raye, Collin If I Were You SC8230-12
Raye, Collin In This Life SC8105-13
Raye, Collin Little Red Rodeo SC8432-12
Raye, Collin Love Me SC8104-4
Raye, Collin Love Remains SC8256-11
Raye, Collin My Kind of Girl SC8152-5
Raye, Collin Somebody Else's Moon (Sc) AT4257-291
Raye, Collin Someone You Used To Know SC3096-2
Raye, Collin Someone You Used To Know SC8485-2
Raye, Collin Start Over Georgia SC8556-1
Raye, Collin That's My Story SC7522-6
Raye, Collin You Still Take Me There SC3245-3
Raye, Collin W-Vocal Anyone Else SC3120-11
Raye, Collin W-Vocal Someone You Used To Know SC3096-10
Raye, Collin W-Vocal You Still Take Me There SC3245-11
Rea, Chris Fool SC8188-7
Rea, Chris ___ Road To Hell___ AT4167-8
Rector, Ben Brand New (Bkd) AT4257-294
Red Hot Chili Peppers Aeroplane SC8340-4
Red Hot Chili Peppers Around The World SC8572-1
Red Hot Chili Peppers By The Way AT4131-11
Red Hot Chili Peppers Can't Stop (Cb) AT4255-113
Red Hot Chili Peppers Dani California AT4109-1
Red Hot Chili Peppers Give It Away AT4131-12
Red Hot Chili Peppers Hump de Bump AT4179-13
Red Hot Chili Peppers My Friends SC8212-10
Red Hot Chili Peppers Otherside Sc AT4241-160
Red Hot Chili Peppers Scar Tissue SC8548-4
Red Hot Chili Peppers Scar Tissue MM6277-9
Red Hot Chili Peppers Sir Psycho Sexy SC8700-12
Red Hot Chili Peppers Snow (Hey Oh) (Sf) AT4253-70
Red Hot Chili Peppers Soul To Squeeze SC8122-9
Red Hot Chili Peppers Under The Bridge AT4114-7
Red Hot Chili Peppers Zephyr Song, The AT4131-15
Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Californication AT4207-4
Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Love Rollercoaster (Cb) AT4251-121
Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Monarchy of Roses (Ftx) AT4249-32
Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Tell Me Baby AT4222-13
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Your Guardian Angel AT4237-10
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Face Down AT4147-12
Red Peters Blow Me AT4123-3
Red Rider Lunatic Fringe AT4255-327
Red, Red Wine Diamond, Neil AH7051-13
Redbone Come and Get Your Love SC8427-9
Redding, Otis Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay SC7527-1
Reddy, Helen Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady SC8297-8
Reddy, Helen I Am Woman SC8138-5
Reddy, Helen I Am Woman SC7530-12
Redman & Vale If I Had A Nickel SC8543-1
Redman & Vale Squeezin' The Love Outta You SC3167-1
Redman & Vale W-Vocal Squeezin' The Love Outta You SC3167-9
Rednex, The Cotton Eye Joe SC2067-3
Rednex, The W-Vocal Cotton Eye Joe SC2067-11
Reed, Jerry Amos Moses SC8335-4
Reed, Jerry East Bound and Down AT4195-7
Reed, Jerry She Got The Goldmine, I Got The Shaft SC8183-1
Reed, Lou Walk On The Wild Side SC8169-1
Reed, Lou Walk On The Wild Side AT4153-10
Reel Big Fish Sell Out (Kv) AT4252-83
Reeves & Cline Have You Ever Been Lonely SC8128-1
Reeves, Jim Bimbo (Cb) AT4250-131
Reeves, Jim Four Walls AT4239-112
Reeves, Jim He'll Have To Go SC7544-6
Reeves, Julie It's About Time SC8528-3
Reeves, Julie What I Need SC8584-4
Refreshments Banditos AT4240-192
Refugee Camp All Stars & Lauryn Hill Sweetest Thing, The SC8390-14
Rehab Sittin' At A Bar (Bartender Song) AT4212-6
Rehab & Hank Williams Jr. Bartender Song (Duet) AT4215-3
Reid, Mike Walk On Faith SC8135-5
Rej3Ctz Cat Daddy (Phm) AT4251-104
Rem Imitation of Life SC3256-6
Rem W-Vocal Imitation of Life SC3256-14
Rembrandts, The I'll Be There For You SC8187-14
Remy Zero Prophecy SC3116-3
Remy Zero W-Vocal Prophecy SC3116-11
Reno, Mike & Ann Wilson___ Almost Paradise (Duet) AT4219-1
Rent La Vie Boheme (Duet) (Ps) AT4257-77
Rent (Movie Version) Seasons of Love (Duet) (Sc) AT4257-59
Reo Speedwagon Back On The Road Again (Trax) AT4250-85
Reo Speedwagon Can't Fight This Feeling SC8439-14
Reo Speedwagon Don't Let Him Go SC8574-3
Reo Speedwagon In Your Letter SC8574-13
Reo Speedwagon Keep On Loving You SC8368-6
Reo Speedwagon Keep The Fire Burnin' SC8574-15
Reo Speedwagon Ridin' The Storm Out SC8574-9
Reo Speedwagon Roll With The Changes AT4239-90
Reo Speedwagon Roll Wth The Changes SC8574-8
Reo Speedwagon Take It On The Run SC8210-6
Reo Speedwagon Time For Me To Fly AT4153-6
Restless Heart Baby Needs New Shoes SC8123-7
Restless Heart Bluest Eyes In Texas AT4121-14
Restless Heart Dancy's Dream SC2165-5
Restless Heart Dancy's Dream SC8230-7
Restless Heart For Lack of Better Words CB20055-8
Restless Heart For Lack of Better Words CB60115-14
Restless Heart I'll Still Be Loving You SC2165-1
Restless Heart Mending Fences SC2165-2
Restless Heart No End To This Road AT4140-10
Restless Heart Till I Loved You SC2165-6
Restless Heart Wheels SC2165-4
Restless Heart Wheels SC8455-12
Restless Heart When She Cries SC2165-3
Restless Heart When She Cries SC7510-4
Restless Heart You Can Depend On Me SC2165-7
Restless Heart W-Vocal For Lack of Better Words CB20055-2
Reunion Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me) AT4252-31
Rey, Lana del Summertime Sadness KV1442-67
Rey, Lana del Summertime Sadness (Kv) AT4255-29
Rhett Akins Friday Night In Dixie AT4114-2
Rhett, Thomas Beer With Jesus (Bkd) AT4253-4
Rhett, Thomas Crash and Burn (Bkd) AT4255-445
Rhett, Thomas Craving You (Kv) AT4257-496
Rhett, Thomas Die A Happy Man (Bkd) AT4256-159
Rhett, Thomas Get Me Some of That (As) AT4257-342
Rhett, Thomas It Goes Like This (Cb) AT4254-87
Rhett, Thomas Make Me Wanna (Kcd) AT4255-358
Rhett, Thomas Something To Do With My Hands (Ftx) AT4250-72
Rhett, Thomas Star of The Show (Bkd) AT4257-329
Rhett, Thomas T Shirt (Kv) AT4257-216
Rhett, Thomas Take You Home (As) ASK1401B-7
Rhett, Thomas Take You Home (As) AT4257-355
Rhett, Thomas Unforgettable (Dck) AT4257-556
Rhianna S.O.S. (Rescue Me) AT4117-14
Rice, Chase Ready Set Roll (As) AT4255-155
Rich, Charlie Behind Closed Doors SC7507-7
Rich, Charlie Every Time You Touch Me SC8335-7
Rich, Charlie Most Beautiful Girl In The World, The SC7537-2
Rich, Charlie Rollin' With The Flow (Sc) AT4253-59
Rich, John Shuttin' Detroit Down AT4239-7
Richey, Kim Come Around SC8565-2
Richey, Kim I Know SC8377-12
Richie, Lionel All Night Long AT4239-41
Richie, Lionel Ballerina Girl Lg AT4246-5
Richie, Lionel Dancing On The Ceiling (Sc) AT4249-76
Richie, Lionel Hello SC7523-12
Richie, Lionel Lady Sb AT4242-45
Richie, Lionel Say You, Say Me SC8273-3
Richie, Lionel Stuck On You SC8297-13
Richie, Lionel Truly SC7529-11
Ricochet Blink of An Eye SC8402-10
Ricochet Blink of An Eye AT4130-11
Ricochet Daddy's Money SC8280-12
Ricochet He Left A Lot To Be Desired SC8382-7
Rida, Flo Whistle (Sf) AT4251-101
Riddle, Jessica Even Angels Fall SC8601-13
Right Said Fred I'm Too Sexy AT4132-16
Righteous Brothers, The Rock & Roll Heaven SC8138-13
Righteous Brothers, The Unchained Melody SC7502-13
Righteous Brothers, The Unchained Melody PS1159-18
Righteous Brothers, The You've Lost That Loving Feeling SC7520-8
Righteous Brothers, The W-Vocal Unchained Melody PS1159-9
Rihanna California King Bed (Cb) AT4252-22
Rihanna Cheers (Drink To That) (Clean Version) S AT4246-65
Rihanna Diamonds (Sf) AT4252-45
Rihanna Disturbia AT4210-7
Rihanna Don't Stop The Music AT4183-13
Rihanna Love On The Brain (Bkd) AT4257-306
Rihanna Needed Me (Explicit) (Mrh) AT4257-281
Rihanna Only Girl (In The World) Cb AT4242-55
Rihanna Rude Boy Sf AT4241-37
Rihanna Russian Roulette AT4240-136
Rihanna Russian Roulette Cb AT4241-122
Rihanna S&M Qh AT4243-32
Rihanna S&M Sf AT4243-94
Rihanna S.O.S. (Rescue Me) AT4181-15
Rihanna Shut Up and Drive AT4167-14
Rihanna Take A Bow AT4202-10
Rihanna Unfaithful AT4126-13
Rihanna What Now (Kv) AT4255-62
Rihanna & Calvin Harris We Found Love Sf AT4246-147
Rihanna & Chris Brown Birthday Cake (Duet) (Ftx) AT4250-8
Rihanna & Drake What's My Name (Duet) Qh AT4243-25
Rihanna & Drake Work (Duet) (Sf) AT4257-105
Rihanna & Jeezy Hard (Duet) Sf AT4241-77
Rihanna & Nicki Minaj Raining Men Phm AT4243-60
Rihanna Feat Mikky Ekko Stay (Duet) (As) AT4254-11
Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul Mccartney Fourfiveseconds (Duet) (Sf) AT4255-391
Riley, Jeannie C. Harper Valley P.T.A. SC7515-9
Riley, Jeannie C. Harper Valley P.T.A. SC8114-9
Rimes, Leann Big Deal SC8570-5
Rimes, Leann Blue AT4198-7
Rimes, Leann But I Do Love You AT4173-4
Rimes, Leann Commitment SC3065-5
Rimes, Leann Crazy Women Cb AT4246-47
Rimes, Leann Give Cb AT4248-38
Rimes, Leann Good Friend and A Glass Of Wine AT4193-12
Rimes, Leann How Do I Live AT4160-1
Rimes, Leann I Need You SC8613-3
Rimes, Leann I'll Get Even With You SC8336-7
Rimes, Leann Life Goes On Cb AT4247-73
Rimes, Leann Light In Your Eyes, The SC8344-3
Rimes, Leann Looking Through Your Eyes SD051-10
Rimes, Leann Nothin' Better To Do AT4206-4
Rimes, Leann Nothin' Better To Do AT4158-11
Rimes, Leann Nothin' New Under The Moon SC8474-8
Rimes, Leann One Way Ticket SC8328-1
Rimes, Leann Swingin' Cb AT4247-69
Rimes, Leann Ten Thousand Angels Cried PR1288-2
Rimes, Leann The Right Kind of Wrong (Sc) AT4250-128
Rimes, Leann This Love SC8862-12
Rimes, Leann Unchained Melody SC8370-3
Rimes, Leann We Can SC8837-12
Rimes, Leann You Light Up My Life SC8402-6
Rimes, Leann W-Vocal Commitment SC3065-13
Rimes, Leanne I Believe In You AT4137-5
Rip Chords Hey Little Cobra SC8202-2
Ripperton, Minnie Lovin' You SC8153-11
Rise Against I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore (Kc) AT4255-369
Rise Against Swing Life Away (Phm) AT4251-73
Ritter, Tex Have I Told You Lately That I Love You ( AT4257-24
River Road I Broke It I'll Fix It SC8382-2
River Road Nickajack (Sc) AT4254-2
River Road Somebody Will SC8432-13
Rivers, Johnny Poor Side of Town, The SC8226-9
Rivers, Johnny Rockin' Pneumonia Boogie Woogie Flu SC7526-8
Rivers, Johnny Secret Agent Man SC7527-14
Rivers, Johnny Seventh Son (Dg) AT4252-30
Rivers, Johnny Swaying To The Music (Slow Dancing) AT4187-6
Rixton Me and My Broken Heart (Kcd) AT4256-11
Rob $tone & J. Davis & Spooks Chill Bill (Sbi) AT4257-401
Robbins, Marty El Paso SC7522-12
Robbins, Marty El Paso City SC8335-12
Robbins, Marty Have I Told You Lately That I Love You ( AT4257-27
Robbins, Marty I Walk Alone AT4240-191
Robbins, Marty My Woman, My Woman, My Wife SC7544-8
Robbins, Marty White Sport Coat, A SC7512-8
Roberts, Julie Wake Up Older AT4239-135
Roberts, Mica & Toby Keith Things A Mama Don't Know (Duet) AT4197-4
Robins, Marty Devil Woman AT4142-9
Robinson, Smokey Cruisin' SC8202-12
Robinson, Smokey Tears of A Clown, The SC8391-9
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Mickey's Monkey AT4139-7
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Tracks of My Tears, The SC7526-2
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles You've Really Got A Hold On Me (Dk) AT4250-51
Robinson, Vickie Sue Turn The Beat Around SC7549-14
Robison, Charlie Barlight Sc AT4246-261
Robison, Charlie El Cerrito Place Sc AT4246-265
Robison, Charlie I Want You Bad Sc AT4246-263
Robison, Charlie My Hometown Sc AT4246-262
Robison, Charlie Poor Man's Son Cb AT4246-253
Robison, Charlie Right Man For The Job Sc AT4246-264
Robison, Charlie Walter Cb AT4246-254
Robison, Charlie You're Not The Best Cb AT4246-252
Robyn Do You Know SC8381-8
Robyn Do You Really Want Me SC3064-8
Robyn Show Me Love SC8423-2
Rock, Kid Cowboy SC8565-12
Rockwell Somebody's Watching Me AT4240-85
Rocky Horror Picture Show Hot Patootie Bless My Soul AT4119-8
Rocky Horror Picture Show Sweet Transvestite AT4141-1
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Time Warp, The SC8115-5
Rodney Atkins If You're Going Through Hell AT4114-11
Roe, Tommy Dizzy SC8399-4
Roe, Tommy Sheila SC7550-12
Roe, Tommy Sweet Pea AT4220-7
Rogers, Jimmie Honeycomb SC7531-4
Rogers, Kenny Buy Me A Rose Sc AT4246-103
Rogers, Kenny Coward of The County SC7551-2
Rogers, Kenny Crazy SC7537-4
Rogers, Kenny Gambler, The SC7512-5
Rogers, Kenny I Can't Unlove You AT4228-5
Rogers, Kenny Just Dropped In AT4239-55
Rogers, Kenny Lady SC7503-11
Rogers, Kenny Love Will Turn You Around SC8326-3
Rogers, Kenny Lucille SC7507-4
Rogers, Kenny She Believes In Me SC7512-10
Rogers, Kenny Through The Years SC7516-12
Rogers, Kenny Tomb of Unknown Love SC8455-3
Rogers, Kenny Vows Go Unbroken, The SC8217-14
Rogers, Kenny & Dolly Parton Islands In The Stream SC7516-3
Rogers, Kenny & Dolly Parton Islands In The Stream SC8128-3
Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West Every Time Two Fools Collide SC8128-2
Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West Til I Can Make It On My Own (Duet) AT4220-10
Rogers, Kenny & Kim Carnes Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer SC8128-7
Rogers, Kenny & Sheena Easton We've Got Tonight SC8105-7
Rogers, Kenny & Sheena Easton We've Got Tonight SC7515-14
Rogers, Kenny & The First Edition Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town SC7525-8
Rolling In The Deep Adele EZH88-2
Rolling Stones, The Ain't Too Proud To Beg AT4237-8
Rolling Stones, The Beast of Burden Sc AT4241-76
Rolling Stones, The Brown Sugar AT4198-9
Rolling Stones, The Dead Flowers (Sc) AT4250-139
Rolling Stones, The Get Off of My Cloud (Sc) AT4255-82
Rolling Stones, The Gimme Shelter (Sc) AT4253-33
Rolling Stones, The Honky Tonk Woman AT4190-13
Rolling Stones, The Jumpin' Jack Flash AT4163-15
Rolling Stones, The Paint It Black AT4199-13
Rolling Stones, The Satisfaction, (I Can't Get No) AT4186-14
Rolling Stones, The Start Me Up Lg AT4242-133
Rolling Stones, The Sympathy For The Devil AT4146-4
Rolling Stones, The Time Is On My Side SC7531-13
Rolling Stones, The Wild Horses Sc AT4241-185
Rolling Stones, The You Can't Always Get What You Want SC8300-8
Romantics, The What I Like About You SC7530-14
Romantics, The What I Like About You SC8106-15
Ronettes, The Be My Baby (Kv) AT4255-14
Ronny & Daytonas Gto SC8202-5
Ronson, Mark Feat. Bruno Mars Uptown Funk (Bhk) AT4255-343
Ronstadt, Linda Blue Bayou SC7523-3
Ronstadt, Linda Different Drum SC7543-2
Ronstadt, Linda Heatwave SC8153-5
Ronstadt, Linda It's So Easy SC7525-5
Ronstadt, Linda Long Long Time SC8273-2
Ronstadt, Linda Ooh Baby, Baby SC7549-5
Ronstadt, Linda That'll Be The Day (Sc) AT4255-17
Ronstadt, Linda When Will I Be Loved SC7529-3
Ronstadt, Linda You're No Good AT4200-15
Ronstadt, Linda & Aaron Neville Don't Know Much AT4130-2
Ronstadt, Linda & Ingram, James Somewhere Out There AT4135-5
Ronstadt, Linda & James Ingram Somewhere Out There SC7530-13
Ronstadt, Linda & Neville, Aaron Don't Know Much AT4135-7
Rose Royce Car Wash SC8202-13
Rose, Maggie Better (Bkd) AT4254-54
Rose, Maggie Girl In Your Truck Song (Bkd) AT4257-100
Rose, Maggie Goodbye Monday (Kv) AT4257-103
Rose, Maggie I Aint Your Mama (Bkd) AT4251-75
Rose, Maggie Looking Back Now (Bkd) AT4257-108
Ross, Diana Ain't No Mountain High Enough SC7511-15
Ross, Diana If We Hold On Together (Kv) AT4257-60
Ross, Diana Love Hangover SC7548-14
Ross, Diana Missing You AT4191-9
Ross, Diana Muscles AT4136-5
Ross, Diana Touch Me In The Morning SC8368-2
Ross, Diana & Lionel Richie Endless Love SC7519-13
Rossdale, Gavin Love Remains The Same AT4215-11
Roth, Asher I Love College (Phm) AT4248-67
Roth, David Lee California Girls AT4216-11
Roth, David Lee Just A Gigolo SC8115-6
Roth, David Lee Just A Gigolo SC7519-12
Roth, David Lee Yankee Rose (Sc) AT4250-32
Rothberg, Patti Inside SC8308-12
Roxette It Must Have Been Love AT4191-5
Roxette Joyride AT4155-7
Roxette She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio) Phm AT4246-12
Roxette The Look AT4111-15
Royal Crown Revue Zip Gun Bop SC8490-1
Royal Guardsmen Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron AT4120-6
Royal Guardsmen, The Snoopy's Christmas AT4240-138
Royal Teens Short Shorts SC7504-3
Royal, Billy Joe Down In The Boondocks Cb AT4247-95
Ruby & The Romantics Our Day Will Come SC8226-7
Rucker, Darius Alright (Phm) AT4252-40
Rucker, Darius Alright By Me AT4240-81
Rucker, Darius Come Back Song (Cb) AT4255-348
Rucker, Darius Don't Think I Don't Think About It AT4205-8
Rucker, Darius Homegrown Honey (Bkd) AT4255-387
Rucker, Darius I Got Nothin' Phm AT4247-33
Rucker, Darius It Won't Be Like This For Long AT4226-7
Rucker, Darius This Cb AT4243-70
Rucker, Darius Together, Anything's Possible Cb AT4243-162
Rucker, Darius True Believers (As) AT4251-108
Rucker, Darius Wagon Wheel (Ss) AT4253-163
Rudolf, Kevin I Made It (Cash Money Heroes) (Kv) AT4257-402
Rudolf, Kevin & Lil Wayne Let It Rock AT4218-2
Ruffin, Jimmy What Becomes of The Broken Hearted (Sc) AT4250-78
Rufus & Chaka Khan Hollywood SC8397-11
Rufus and Chaka Khan Aint Nobody (Sc) AT4249-90
Rule, Ja, Lil' Mo & Vita Put It On Me SC8680-7
Run D.M.C.___ It's Tricky___ AT4177-9
Runaway June Lipstick (Kv) AT4257-403
Rundgren, Todd Bang The Drum All Day (Sc) AT4252-51
Rush Limelight SC8406-5
Rush Tom Sawyer SC8334-12
Russell, Johnny Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Be AT4241-226
Russell, Leon Six Pack To Go SC8136-6
Ruth B Lost Boy (Mrh) AT4257-146
Ruttan, Deric When You Come Around SC8842-10
Rydell, Bobby Wild One SC7541-5
Ryder, Mitch & The Detroit Wheels Devil With A Blue Dress On SC8226-15
Rzeznik, John I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme) (Cb) AT4255-114