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Artist Title Song #
V I C Wobble (Kv) AT4255-347
Vale, Jerry Al Di la MM6184-5
Valens, Richie Come On Let's Go SC8399-14
Valens, Richie Donna SC7532-12
Valens, Ritchie La Bamba Sc AT4248-14
Valentine, Brooke & Big Boi & Lil Jon Girlfight AT4151-3
Valli, Frankie Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You SC8441-15
Valli, Frankie Grease SC2055-4
Valli, Frankie My Eyes Adored You AT4214-4
Valli, Frankie W-Vocal Grease SC2055-12
Van Dyke, Leroy Auctioneer AT4126-7
Van Halen Dance The Night Away AT4169-15
Van Halen Dreams AT4195-6
Van Halen Finish What Ya Started Sc AT4244-121
Van Halen Hot For Teacher SC8406-2
Van Halen Humans Being (Sc) AT4249-128
Van Halen I'll Wait AT4171-2
Van Halen Ice Cream Man AT4196-4
Van Halen Jamie's Cryin' AT4171-3
Van Halen Jump SC8106-12
Van Halen Panama AT4167-5
Van Halen Pretty Woman AT4196-12
Van Halen Right Now (Sc) AT4254-45
Van Halen Runnin' With The Devil SC8334-8
Van Halen Why Can't This Be Love AT4172-15
Van Halen You Really Got Me AT4197-14
Van Shelton, Ricky Life Turned Her That Way Sc AT4246-85
Van Zant Get What You Got Comin' THR0106-9
Van Zant Get What You Got Comin' THR0106-18
Vandenburg Burning Heart SC8373-5
Vandross, Luther Always and Forever SC8150-9
Vanilla Ice Ice Ice Baby SM5102-5
Vanilla Ice Ice Ice Baby W-Vocals SM5102-13
Vapors, The Turning Japanese SC8313-2
Various Electric Slide AT4139-1
Vassar, Phil I'll Take That As A Yes (Hot Tub Song) AT4160-2
Vassar, Phil In A Real Love ASKFP49-2-5
Vassar, Phil Just Another Day In Paradise (Sc) AT4249-46
Vassar, Phil Six Pack Summer AT4153-1
Vassar, Phil This Is My Life AT4168-4
Vassar, Phil Ultimate Love SC8837-3
Vaughan, Stevie Ray Texas Flood Sc AT4242-72
Vaughn, Stevie Ray Cold Shot AT4188-1
Vaughn, Stevie Ray Couldn't Stand The Weather AT4189-13
Vaughn, Stevie Ray Crossfire Sc AT4244-83
Vaughn, Stevie Ray Empty Arms Sc AT4244-86
Vaughn, Stevie Ray House Is Rockin', The Sc AT4244-87
Vaughn, Stevie Ray Life By The Drop Sc AT4244-85
Vaughn, Stevie Ray Pride and Joy Sc AT4244-81
Vaughn, Stevie Ray Sky Is Crying, The Sc AT4244-88
Vaughn, Stevie Ray Texas Flood Sc AT4244-82
Vaughn, Stevie Ray Tightrope Sc AT4244-84
Vee, Bobby Take Good Care of My Baby SC8399-15
Vega, Suzanne Luka SC8413-12
Vega, Suzanne & Dna Tom's Diner (Sc) AT4253-69
Velvet Revolver Come On, Come In (Thm) AT4257-326
Velvet Revolver Dirty Little Thing (Thm) AT4257-325
Velvet Revolver Fall To Pieces (Cb) AT4257-318
Velvet Revolver Set Me Free (Phm) AT4257-320
Velvet Revolver Slither (Thm) AT4257-324
Vengaboys, The Boom Boom Boom Sf AT4246-242
Vengaboys, The Cheeka Bow Bow Sf AT4246-247
Vengaboys, The Forever As One Sf AT4246-251
Vengaboys, The Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine) Sf AT4246-244
Vengaboys, The Sha la la la Sf AT4246-245
Vengaboys, The Uncle John From Jamaica Sf AT4246-246
Vengaboys, The We Like To Party SC8531-14
Vengaboys, The We Like To Party Sc AT4246-240
Vengaboys, The We're Going To Ibiza Sf AT4246-243
Vengaboys, The & T- Spoon Sex On The Beach Sf AT4246-248
Vera, Billy & The Beaters At This Moment SC7529-10
Verne, Larry Mr. Custer SC8544-3
Veronicas Untouched AT4226-5
Vertical Horizon Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) SC8680-14
Vertical Horizon Everything You Want SC8587-8
Vertical Horizon I'm Still Here (Thm) AT4255-78
Vertical Horizon You're A God SC8625-6
Veruca Salt Volcano Girls SC8377-2
Verve Pipe Hero SC8559-12
Verve Pipe The Freshmen AT4120-13
Verve Pipe, The Photograph SC8308-6
Verve, The Bitter Sweet Symphony Sc AT4246-151
Verve, The Lucky Man SC8465-13
Via, Angela Picture Perfect SC8616-9
Village People, The Y.M.C.A. SC7511-11
Vincent, Gene Be Bop A Lula SC7517-13
Vincent, Rhonda What More Do You Want From Me SC8256-15
Vinton, Bobby Blue On Blue SC8226-5
Vinton, Bobby My Melody of Love AT4233-5
Vinton, Bobby Please Love Me Forever AT4233-4
Vinton, Bobby Roses Are Red SC7526-10
Violent Femmes Blister In The Sun SC8477-14
Violent Femmes Breakin' Up (Nt) AT4250-130
Violent Femmes Kiss Off (Sc) AT4250-129
Violent Femmes, The Add It Up___ AT4169-1
Vitamin C Graduation (Friends Forever) SC8607-8
Vitamin C Me, Myself and I (Radio Version) SC8572-15
Vitamin C Smile SC8553-4
Vixen Cryin' Sc AT4246-235
Vixen Edge of A Broken Heart Sc AT4246-232
Voices of Theory Say It SC3079-5
Voices of Theory Wherever You Go SC3116-8
Voices of Theory W-Vocal Say It SC3079-13
Voices of Theory W-Vocal Wherever You Go SC3116-16
Volbeat A Warriors Call (Sgk) AT4257-407
Volbeat Cape of Our Hero (Kv) AT4257-481
Volbeat Fallen (Kv) AT4253-112
Volbeat Lola Montez (Kv) AT4257-482
Volbeat Seal The Deal (Aa) AT4257-483
Volbeat Still Counting (Kv) AT4257-484
Volbeat The Devil's Bleeding Crown (Aa) AT4257-485