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Title Artist Song #
Vacation Sc Go Go's AT4244-67
Valentine Mcbride, Martina SD048-4
Valerie Winwood, Steve SC8413-14
Valerie (Kv) Glee AT4251-112
Vanilla Ice Cream (Zp) Lynch, Stephen ZP-01013-6
Vanilla Twilight Phm Owl City AT4241-17
Vaseline (Ams) Stone Temple Pilots AT4257-10
Vehicle Ides of March, The SC8202-4
Ventura Highway America AT4194-14
Venus Avalon, Frankie SC7541-4
Venus Bananarama AT4153-9
Venus In Blue Jeans Clanton, Jimmy AT4149-12
Veronica Costello, Elvis SC8413-7
Versace On The Floor (Sf) Mars, Bruno AT4257-605
Vice (Hms) Lambert, Miranda AT4257-219
Victim of Love Eagles, The BS9017-13
Victorious (Kv) Panic At The Disco AT4257-378
Vidalia Kershaw, Sammy SC8315-5
Video Games (Bhk) Lana del Rey AT4255-199
Video Killed The Radio Star Buggles, The AT4156-11
Vienna (Sgb) Joel, Billy AT4252-35
View To A Kill, A Duran Duran SC8292-12
Vincent McLean, Don SC8297-4
Vindicated (Sc) Dashboard Confessional AT4257-885
Violence Fetish (Sbi) Disturbed AT4257-468
Virtual Insanity Jamiraquai SC8389-10
Vision of Love (Sc) Carey, Mariah AT4248-87
Viva la Vida Coldplay AT4212-13
Viva Las Vegas Presley, Elvis AT4234-3
Viva Las Vegas Lg Zz Top AT4242-93
Vivir Mi Vida (Kv) Anthony, Marc AT4256-164
Vogue Madonna SC7546-12
Voices (Sc) Disturbed AT4257-462
Voices Carry Til Tuesday AT4229-12
Voices Cb Young, Chris AT4241-207
Volare Martin, Dean SC8399-12
Volcano Buffett, Jimmy AT4236-15
Volcano Girls Veruca Salt SC8377-2
Voodoo Godsmack SC2241-6
Voodoo Godsmack W-Vocal SC2241-14
Vows Go Unbroken, The Rogers, Kenny SC8217-14
Vultures (Sgk) Offspring AT4257-764