Hi there!  If you are interested in becoming a DJ for All That Entertainment, there are some things we need to cover.  This is a lot of information, but since patience is one of the virtues we are looking for in a DJ, it would be in your best interest to read it all the way through and make sure you understand it before you contact us.

First let us say that being an All That DJ is not scratching records, mixing beats, and bobbing your head with phones on.  We provide licensed musical entertainment, karaoke, (and a photo booth) to a vast array of businesses, organizations, and personal parties from all walks of life.  Most of us find that being a DJ is a fun and rewarding experience.  That said, we believe in full disclosure, so along with the pertinent information below, you will also see some negatives outlined.  Please don't be scared by these negatives, as most of the time this is a pleasant experience.  We want to make sure you know exactly what we're offering so that you don't waste our time, and so we don't waste your time either.

Being an All That DJ is also not a 'sit on your butt and get paid' job.  You have to actually work.  It involves some heavy lifting, technical prowess to correctly set up speakers, mixers, computers, and specialized lights, and also some pretty intense people skills.  All DJs are responsible for their own set up and tear down, and running the entire show in between. 

This is not a full time job.  This is not a fill in position.  This is not a temporary position.  We are looking for someone who is not relying solely on working shows to pay their bills, but rather someone who wants to make some extra money, or just do it because it's fun.  If your current job is as much as you can handle, and you are tired on your days off and don't really want to exert yourself, then this is not for you.  If your current job (or other activities) keep you busy on a Saturday afternoon through night, then this is not for you.  If you are busy on week nights, or too tired on week nights, or can't stay up late some week nights, then you are probably not ideal for this position.  If you are early to bed and early to rise, and cannot stay up late at night, then this is not for you.

There is no hourly wage.  This type of position is paid on a per-show basis, and the money involved would translate to anywhere between $10 per hour to $25 per hour depending on the types of shows you have, and also your own personal ability to set up and tear down efficiently.

You do not get to pick and choose only one type of job.  We book what we book, and while we can try to mostly give you the type you prefer, you have to come into this understanding that if we need something covered, we need it covered.

You do not get paid for training unless you complete it.  Yes, that sounds harsh.  We have had too many people get almost all the way through training and then decide that they a. couldn't handle the equipment, b. didn't really like it, c. found a new full-time job that clashed with the hours we need,  d. went off to college and never came back, or even e. was only in it for the easy training money and actually had the nerve to tell us that at the end.  As you can probably guess, we've been burned quite a few times, and those people have made us change our policy.  So to be clear - There is no pay for training unless and until you are certified.  There is no partial payment for partial training.

Training takes a little time.  We have had some people train within a three day period, some who have taken three weeks before they were comfortable, and some who dragged it on for months before deciding that they just couldn't dedicate themselves fully.  This all depends on your ability, your brains, and your drive.

We are a family company, and our children are involved in many aspects of it so that we can have them take over some day down the line.  If you are not safe around children we will not let you into our company.  If you have an abnormal dislike for children, you probably shouldn't even try.  You also need to watch your mouth (please) while you are on the premises.  (This would be a good time to mention that we also do not allow the use of the f-bomb especially, but also any really bad language over our mics.  We are not that type of people, and we just won't have it.)

You will be background checked.  There are no exceptions to this, and while we may not care about some things in your past, we will know about it.  Be aware coming in, that before you can train you will have to sign a form and wait for us to get your criminal records, among other things.  We will only use this information in the selection process, and we will not share it.

You need to have people skills.  Depending on the event, at some point you will deal with a crying bride, a pushy mother-in-law, a scarily drunk wedding party, drunk people in general, children whose parents are not watching them who just want to touch all your stuff and be in your face, bar managers who have a personal vendetta against karaoke, and so much more.  But you will also at some point meet some of the coolest and sweetest people ever.  You will deal with nice people, people who tip, kids who are well-behaved, and all kinds of nicer issues. Most of us find that DJing is extremely fun for us.  It is not all bad - but we need you to be able to handle things when it is.

Hours:  The hours involved vary depending on the type of show.  Here is a basic (but not complete) run down of some of the most common times.

Public Karaoke - Usually evening.  Shows usually run from 9pm to 1am, with set up and tear down taking up to an hour each.

Private Karaoke - These shows tend to be shorter, and start and end earlier than public ones.

Kid's Parties - Of any type, these are usually one to three hours, with normal set up times.

Wedding - Weddings pay more for a reason - it is a very long day.  The time involved, including set up and tear down, normally runs about nine hours.

Dances - School, college, (including proms, snowballs, lock ins), anniversary parties, birthday parties, sweet sixteens, grand openings, or anything else you can think of.  Run on the same time frames as private karaoke.

Photo booth - Typical photo booth shows run from one to four hours.  The set up is precise, and normally takes a minimum of an hour and a half.

PA - Public Announcemnt (car shows, benefits, open mic, etc) is normally a pretty short day, one to four hours, with pretty minimal set up.

Other information that you might find helpful:  First off, we will never ask you to use your own personal vehicle to haul equipment.  That said, if you do not have a running vehicle, you will not be considered.  Showing up to pick up the vans is very important, and yes, we've been burned on this one too.  If you're 'about to get your license back' or if you're 'just waiting on something before you can drive,' then that's neat - try again when you can actually show a valid license to us.  For insurance purposes, nobody will be brought on board until we have copied a photo of your license and forwarded it to our insurance company.

If you read this far, congratulations!  You are on your way to becoming an All That DJ.  We hope you have the patience, drive, smarts, people skills, work ethic, hygiene, promptness, and attitude to continue on in the process.  If you think you do, please click this link, fill out the form completely, and wait for us to respond to you.  Thank you.

Click here to fill out the form.

One final note to those who made it this far.  We would just like to mention once again that we are a family company.  That means that bringing in another DJ is like adding to our family.  We want someone we click with , work well with, and are comfortable with.  We aren't out there adding fifty new DJs a year.  At any given time, we are looking for only ONE.  That means that everyone may not get a response right away, or at all.  Free hint:  The better you fill out the form, the more we will be able to tell right away if you should be considered.























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Testimonial:  "Please relay to your DJ how great he was.  We are recommending him and your services to everyone!"
Jan S.

Testimonial:  "We heard so many compliments!  You kept people on the dance floor all night, even people that don't usually dance.  Thank you for making our special day so memorable!"
Kathleen A.

Testimonial:  "It was wonderful!!!"
Brooke S.

Testimonial: "Thank you so much for the great job at (our) wedding reception and dance.  Everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves! And also thank you for (going) above and beyond the call of duty to assist with the food and chocolate fountain.  My hat is off to you."
Linda B.